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Poem - Say the Same

The poem “Say the Same” is dedicated to couples who struggle to tell each other that a unting love has taken them victim, and that the next steps are waiting in a shared journey.

Say the Same

If I told you I was in love
really not kidding, the real thing
would you believe my fervent phrase
spoken by one with so much to lose?
to declare those three heartfelt words
opens a door through which I must then proceed
sharing the stage with another
the next act in a land populated by two.

In the past I could lie to myself
say I didn’t need the company
with all the trials this would incur
the aggravations when I deny the joys
though this hollow is felt within
no other was needed to feel complete
this I tell myself as I try
to find a reason to hold my tongue.

Now my heart is filled with joy
with a single person held responsible
a balloon would fly to the moon
if delight in you were its helium
soaring high into the sky
beyond my reach, into waiting arms
elation asks too much from me
does this glee mean you would say the same?

In my mind the thoughts are consumed
filled with visions of what could befall
two people who confess their hearts
of falling far beyond the comfortable
to be in love is not enough
if unreturned is to be its fate
so my flame, the one I adore
please say the same, if not before.

2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20170108.
Tags: committments, love, poem

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