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Poem - Words Expressed

“Words Expressed” was written for a competition requesting “tell the story of a piece of clothing as if it were alive”. I remembered a quite complimenting dress that a friend wore to a dance. The poem imagines a discussion had with the garment.

Words Expressed

The dress was fancy all could see
belle of the ball at the dance
speaking volumes to my eyes
this height of fashion I’ll endure
took to heart when I listen
to the voice of her garment
praising beauty it enclosed
preaching so the choir would hear.

Look to see the owner’s limbs
whispered said the outfit’s folds
ripples wound about her form
torso gripped all the round
from there the legs extend
oh so long and oh so toned
matched by arms above the belt
circumference gloried by the dress.

The dialogue did not end there
when turned around I saw the back
pleats to flat the bum did shape
with just enough to fill the plate
speaking as the curve extends
from middle to the rear
recounting well the tush enclosed
stunning chat I’ll quite admit.

The plunging cut has its say
framing necklace against the flesh
straps on sides to shoulders brace
lovely curves with middle cleft
valley low with hills so high
slopes extend to fabric’s edge
exclamation made by the gown
symphony to my eyes.

I’ve had my say about the dress
echoed what the words expressed
my eyes heard in rapt rapport
voices sultry upon the world
speaking of the one enclosed
they are the true beauty here
this dress may have its say
it’s about the one contained.

2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20170114.
Tags: beauty, dress, poem

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