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Poem - Finally Wed

“Finally Wed” is a poem written in response to the poetry challenge “Description: Why did you marry or why won't you marry? ”.

Finally Wed

To be married is the trick
sharing life in all its ways
up and down, sideways too
touch point found in joined bliss

conjugal made in the right
in sight of God and the law
less to say the gossips will
when babies come it will be chill

a single mate is the norm
in some states there are more
sister brides found in mass
or brother grooms with a wife

the happy day is quite the thing
bring all the friends and family
to note the line drawn in the sand
with hope that concrete is used instead

now matrimony is at hand
the same each day, comfort rote
add the children, large and small
all of mine have four paws

bonded is my way to go
with spouse at hand makes me glow
my happiness is found allied
with marriage I am finally wed.

2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20170114.
Tags: poem, spouse, wedding

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