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Poem - Mirror of You

Sometimes it is difficult to fully describe the beauty of others. Mere words are not enough. The memory cannot grasp the full image. “Mirror of You” is about this state.

Mirror of You

If I could show you what I see
strength of limb, turn of smile
curves so pleasant to the sight
would you see yourself in these?

mere description is not enough
photos are inadequate
when I attempt to tell the crowd
of the beauty you possess

memory robs the truest form
centered on the focus found
blessings for the mortal soul
when I’m lucky you’re around

no angel sent from heaven high
nor a demon I’d dare entreat
one is from a place I cannot reach
the other would damn my soul

you’re instead the best of all lots
another person of from the earth
perfection where it may exist
flaws where the excitement lives

both in and out, mind and form
emotions pure in their humanity
I’ll share these words as last resort
as a mirror of you to the world.

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170122.
Tags: attraction, beuaty, poem

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