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Poem - Cloaks

The poem “Cloaks” is about the norms of dress by alternative communities.


There are cloaks, three of a kind
shared by those of separate mind
spectrum strung from here to there
made too plain or fancy dared
all have purpose to the one
sporting fashions uncommon
pay attention when they occur
you’ll learn something about the world.

There are those wrapped in black
flashy would be the gray
white would be unusual
it’s not the tux or waiter worn
instead the goal is to protest
when the world would do the same
for the pigments too bright to show
a drab disguise becomes the norm.

The gender middle finds the mix
to tease the eyes and quiz the mind
with the genres from both sides
taunting boxes with fashion’s edge
perhaps the cis will guess correct
probably not, truth be told
when focused effort is put forth
to confuse and not explain.

Pink is the color of the bold
put forth to state the obvious
exclamation for all to hear
says the blush of the queer
this is the last I’ll proclaim
the most bold of the three
now I’ve told you of the cloaks
hiding some and exposing rest.

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170124.
Tags: dress, poem, queer

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