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Poem - Mountain Pass

I was inspired to write “Mountain Pass” after finishing the breadth of “Great Expectations”.

Mountain Pass

The path has found the mountain pass
leading up to higher realms
where a man will find their home
if earth revolves once more
the march uphill is not a rush
instead lends a misty calm
the path withheld in a fog
until the pass is come upon.

There the snow is on green branch
the evergreen that has last laugh
while it may linger long in leaf
the man finds lack there of the same
above this place the earth is white
the ground is frozen in permafrost
only swept by stormy winds
then brought low by avalanche.

Yet far below there lays the place
where journey started back in the day
by river the valley has been transcribed
by birth and youth they did reside
in that place of fair frolics
butterflies perform their labors
then the flowers bloom all day
the more the merrier as youth play.

"Hello descendants", says the man
from high on perch in mountain pass
"can you lend a bit of warmth
or advise me how chase the cold?"
to this query the echoes laugh
rejoining that the chill will lead
those who climbed so high in life
through the brink of mountain pass.

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170124.
Tags: aging, poem, remembering

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