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Beginning Thoughts About Duality

I have in mind a series of articles about common dualities. I believe there is incredible power in the embrace of duality. The following thoughts kick off this exploration.

The energy to create is realized from duality. As a physiological example, we would die without the duality of homeostasis (the body's constant monitoring and adjustment of metabolic processes in an effort to maintain an internally balanced state of equilibrium). Manifestation theory states that efforts are realized by having an honest evaluation of both where we are now and where we want to be. It is taught that an honest evaluation of where you are now in duality (i.e. the arrow resting in the bow instead of on a table nearby) is needed before a shift in duality (and hence creation) is realized. The future state of duality must be realized/intentioned/stated for a fully actuated creation. The location of a target must be realized before the arrow can be launched toward it. The blank canvas becomes a painting. The arrow leaves the bow and arrives in the target.

It is in the power of duality that the paradox of hitting the target, without seeing the target, is realized. A comfort level with duality allows one to become the bow, the arrow, and the target. Anything is then possible. The intentional embrace of duality allows for a powerful singularity of experience. Magic happens.
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