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Poem - Yes It Was

A friend shared the six word story “You know loving you wasn’t easy”. I began the poem “Yes It Was” with the first two lines, “It wasn’t easy / (yes it was)”. From there I followed a free form exploration, confirming that love is terribly easy and very confusing.

Yes It Was

It wasn’t easy
(yes it was)
to fully love you
(above the lust)
to move beyond
the stumbling steps
(mine alone)
heading toward
the plunge into
(free fall plunge)
the loss of self
to find the sum
(there you were)
of two from ones
to move beyond
the safety zone
(what did I do?)
into bliss, into joy
outside of lines
drawn for myself
(what was the reason?)
erased to show
where we combined
lost from view
where I began
and you ceased
(now I am I lost)
except because
without since
excluding hence
barring being
omit thereby
excuse ergo
(mutter stop)
nonsense yes
there I was
here I am
just so easy
(yes it was)
loving you.

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170209.
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