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Poem - Always Backwards

I tend to binge-watch a new person on YouTube that I enjoy. YouTube’s best unattended viewing mode is from most recent to most past posting. The poem “Always Backwards” shares this experience.

Always Backwards

Always backwards, the clock turns
time moves forward in my world
this is not the case on YouTube
when I binge watch the history
viewing a channel in reverse
the opposite of what they saw
regression by moving pictures
turning back to where we were.

Watching the years fall back
one, two, three, and more
to a time I barely remember
there they are as if today
outcomes are seen before the promise
the only mystery is what was said
before events took their place
commitments made against the good and bad.

Styles come and they go
hair colors change in tens of minutes
when years passed between the dyes
in these minutes I am the same
as the show comes to an end
no more to see of a distant voice
both in space and time I've viewed
always backwards, the clock turns.

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170213.
Tags: poem, viewing, youtube

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