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Poem - State in Your Head

The poem “State in Your Head” is dedicated to my friends who struggle with the gender given to them society compared to the gender they know in their mind.

State in Your Head

Gender is what’s in your head
regardless of what’s found below
though it suggests life’s road
the crotch is not the end goal
transgender is the name of this box
though the sides are not just four walls
the spectrum is as wide as east’s
relation to the stretch of the west.

Dysphoria can be the outcome
of the thought and the form disconnect
expression desired does not fit
the natal equipment nature bestowed
the outcome can be distressing
anxiety and depression abounding
discomfort enough to infringe
the function of everyday life.

Lastly the gender is unlike
orientation’s hold on longing
the desire is not the same as the self
as genitals may not match the same
in the end sex is complex
identity not meant to ascribe
the beauty of aspects embraced
by individual’s state in their mind

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170220.
Tags: gender, identity, poem

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