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Poem - Who is Nina?

I saw a Tumblr question / answer that began with the question “Who is Nina?”. The answer in that case was that Nina was a character in the blogger’s book. Nina took on a different nature when I used this as the kernel for my poem of the same name as the question.

Who is Nina?

Nina stalks my thoughts
when waking in the dark
between the dusk and the dawn
when fever grips my mind

I wish I could escape
the spotlight of her gaze
asking for my soul.
in the twilight of my dreams

I rouse to flee to safety
yet there I find dead ends
my head is full of mirrors
that only show her stare

the iris asks for payment
brown with ring of black
the pupils have no bottom
their depths ask for blood

perhaps I’ll never sleep
there is no easy rest
perhaps I'll never wake
there is no sane retreat

I'm trapped by Nina's bonds
the orbs of guilty doom
this is my censure gained
forever life forfeit.

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170221.
Tags: horror, poem

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