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Poem - Unwritten

The poem “Unwritten” began with seeing the title in a Tumblr posting. I thought about what it could mean, and the resulting poem almost wrote itself.


Unwritten could mean two things
the absence marked by void’s presence
or taking back what has been put
my words of passion lay somewhere there
in this duality of the null or the oust
perhaps the muse will explain

the first asks for creation’s touch
cosmos too large to put to words
genesis of the edge performed
the latter was put to the page
committed for all to see
then removed from consciousness

so when I say my love for you
has been unwritten in poetic terms
you’ll wonder where it may lay
does it still wait in shadows long
or has it been removed from authorship?
the muse may know, will they tell?

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170224.
Tags: love, poem, sharing

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