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God, Sin and a Myspace Group Discussion

From a MySpace Group discussion in which a Christian motivational speaker made an appearance:

The bible claims that snakes originally did not go about on their bellies. (Genesis 3:14) (and so on)

I said:

I'm not sure if I got it all, but it looks like you wanted to convey that the Bible got some things right, and that God is real. If this is the case, than I'm onboard with you. When interpreted thusly, one can say that the Bible did get some things right. I'm cool with the idea that God is real. In fact, I'll go one step further and state that I believe the following list. Please note that I have a personal relationship with God, and my definitions of God and Sin may differ from others.

1) God Exists
2) God Created the World
3) God is the World
4) Sin is inherent in life
5) Sin leads to suffering and craving
6) Sin separates us from God
7) The goal of life is to reconnect God
8) Removal of Sin reconnects us with God

Where does that take me next?

Ok I realize you are not Christian, but I have a problem with the concept of sin (There is none, all actions are a shade of grey, and all experience is essential for the growth of a person). You say "God is the world". I agree. I have trouble with the concept of a creator. God is the creation. That's my theory. The goal of life is to reconnect us with God: I don't agree, because if you are part of the creation and part of God, you are connected, whether you like it or not. I would like to hear what you mean by "sin" and "God".


My definition for Sin largely from my Buddhist explorations. Sin can be loosely defined as that part of ourselves that distracts us from connecting with our version of the God. In Buddhism, cravings and longings are manifestations of this. What is God? God is completeness. God is the intuitive 'ah-ha' of how things work. God is the World. God is a personal experience with the divine, because how you fit into the world is a personal matter. I could go deeper into what I personally believe, how I "fill-in-the-blanks", but that would just be my stuff.

You are correct. We are connected with God. IMO we are expressions and embodiments of God. So how can we be separated? The separation is an illusion. Somehow we, as humans, begin to think that God is "out there". This separation is fostered by Sin - those things that separate us from God. Sin doesn’t actually separate us from God, but Sin (in all it's embodiments) does strengthen the illusion of separation.

The statements above are all IMO (in my opinion). The details of how this works, or even if it works, is different for everyone. A spiritual life is so damn personal. I respect and honor those people who don't believe that God exists. I came pretty close to that in my agnostic days. The cool thing, be it painful or glorifying, is that we have a choice in the matter, and we are all perfect in our own choices.
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