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Poem - Fortune Smiles

Do I only have friends because I give to the communities that I associate with? Perhaps, but I hope that there is more. "Fortune Smiles" is about the perceived difficulty of finding friends when the my faults of the world are compounded one on top of the other.

Fortune Smiles

Fortune smiles upon this fool
the sun shines above the clouds of disgrace
considering friends I am blessed
too good a windfall for this miscreant

many ways I defy the par
enough to hex my link with society
I'll name a few so you may see
why my friends defy logic's dominion

business asks for proof of worth
validation by bounty of gold produced
some returned with reluctance
tool of the man, I am not enough

deliverables in the realm of art
shiny trinkets state the coin of commerce
to sell for money is the mark
sadly my efforts fill my purse with dust

too cool for class with clothes worn
makeup and accessories complete the look
glam is the pinnacle of style's stack
while in lowest of valleys I fall flat

religious edicts define the holy
chants are given while prayers meet steeples
all the blessed will please most high
profane defilement seems to be my life goal

hetronormative rules the world
stating that hetro is normal or preferred
to love the opposite is now the goal
that memorandum did not cross my desk

lastly there are the sins that most avoid
living the best while avoiding the worst
purity of thought, virtue of frame
I hide my head when I consider my shame

now you see why fortune is fickle
giving me comrades when none should be coming
each could be driven away from my side
by one of these virtues that I've sadly denied

the holy convene in distant halls
away from the rabble I find as my friends
perhaps they stumble somewhere in life
I'll not ask their sin when they're by my side.

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170315.
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