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Poem - Outside the Mind

"Outside the Mind" is about an intruder that haunts lives. In classic poetic fashion, the identity of the intruder is kept hidden until the end.

Outside the Mind

The morning time invites their company
start of a journey with no end
always hovering to stake their claim
demanding that I lose my mind

it was a visitor I've asked to leave
once again they're by my side
too many times for me to tally
asking more than I should allow

each occurrence should have marked the last
yet once again I find myself
struggling with feelings evoked once more
in the grip of a tyrant's grasp

an unwanted guest who sought attention
yelling above all the others
promising much, delivering little
this trickster without principles

by evening the same is submitted
time does little to shake their ire
escape is only found when the body falters
I fall asleep to at last retire

you'd wonder who I speak of harshly
damning them to leave my side
it is no other than emotion's longing
to find connection outside the mind.

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170320.
Tags: emotions, poem

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