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Poem - Lovely Head

“Lovely Head” is based on a classic spooky tale.

Lovely Head

I would lose my lovely head
if were not attached to neck
this is the case you'd see
if it were not for a ribbon there

a zipper would be more practical
the wood nymph had only cloth
modern niceties are not common place
by the streams of the river witch

I can never tell my dearest love
of why decoration must stay in place
underneath my flowing hair
where the torso meets the top

marriage will not seal the deal
to remove the ribbon from its hold
though children may fill our lives
still my secret shall stand fast

vanity does not have a place
it remains when years progress
fabric held tight to throat
by virtue of ends tangled close

when finally at my end of life
curiosity may trump caution's path
remove the ribbon if you dare
just know that I'll lose my head

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170323.
Tags: poem, spooky

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