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Poem - Live Again

The first line of “Live Again” took inspiration from the first line of T.S. Eliot’s, “The Burial of the Dead”. Some people are cruelly inflicted by seasonal affective disorder (SAD) during the winter months. Other people revel in the relative gloom. I’m in the latter camp.

Live Again

April is the cruelest month
harbinger of the newborne land
with the hand of sun above
seasons turn against my will

March cracked the door, now all’s lost
the cold rains and the snow
are no more to chill my soul
given over to warmth’s embrace

relentless nursemaid of rebirth
asking all to live once more
when all I want is to die
lay on the earth evermore

green where the gray once ruled
this was the parlor replaced by greed
of the mercies I’d reject
if choice were mine to apply

April was unbidden by my heart
asking more than I can find
perhaps it will pass while I sleep
or must I wake to live again?

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170401.
Tags: depression, poem, spring

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