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Poem - Red Companion

Poetry is a fascinating pursuit for the creative mind. I wanted to write about “dreaming in color”. This took my thoughts to vampires, and I pondered writing a horror poem, with emphasis on the undead nature of the monsters and the color of their food. It is the season for such things! I sat down and listened to the Dead Can Dance channel on Pandora (one of my favorites!) while reviewing pictures of “Gothic Red”. Oh my… the result is a gothic poem about love(?) lost. I will further pursue the “dreaming in color” theme another time. I find it especially fascinating from several angles.

Red Companion

Poem for Day 037 – 20141030

I dream in color,
one specifically.
I dream in red,
and infinite shades of grey.
Black and white,
red and greys,
this is my spectrum,
my world of color.

My shirts are white,
my suits are black,
my world is grey,
and you were red.
You were life,
spilled across the floor.
So much color,
the one I adored.

Rose so red,
dress so crimson,
hair so scarlet,
and blood so thick.
Please do not fade,
do not vanish,
remain my color,
in my world bipolar.

I dreamt of you,
my red consort.
My trance of color,
fading, darkness embraced.
Red rose remaining,
against white coffin pillow.
Soon this will wilt, turning black,
and only dreams will remain.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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