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Poem - Should Be Close

A dear friend stated, “I have few regrets in life. …. and another is not knowing how to keep friends...” This struck a nerve on my part. While I consider them to one of my deepest friends, I’ve not talked to them in far too long Years ago I spoke to them everyday. They had also told me years ago that people who walk away from them are no longer friends. Does that mean that I’m in the “friends not kept” category by my own actions? Perhaps! My thoughts then went to other ancient friends that I seem to be in the process of discarding. It is terribly difficult to make friends. Why am I being so foolish? All of this led me to write the poem “Should Be Close”.

Should Be Close

They said they couldn’t keep
friends on this side of the veil
losing them to life’s travails
with sadness as a common thread

some had lost their mortal husk
age asks too much us mortal ones
linking those of common minds
then removing the most precious gems

others vanished into life’s crowd
swallowed by the detritus of the world
rushing here and running there
it’s no wonder that some are lost

politics may bind two people
the same may tear at the binds
when the unseen is revealed
in choice of party or of man

the last cause I’ll propose
may cut deeper than the rest
close companions, with love picked
exclude others by their mindset

I’ve done poorly, I’ll admit
to retain the brightest gold I’d found
all the causes are my undoing
with the friends that should be close.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170409.
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