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Poem - In the Bloom

The poem “In the Bloom” was written for a contest with the subject of “Spring”.

In the Bloom

The gods are with us in the bloom
as the earth unwinds from sleep
I'll speak of two, can you guess
whom I refer in these lines?

the door to depths opens forth
a beauty steps onto the earth
no longer dwelling at Hade's side
in view of men she'll now reside

the small seeds were her downfall
now they're blessed to bloom the earth
the fallow field is borne again
as are the beast and man the same

she's not alone in her reign
a man of the woods is seen to play
asking all to join the hunt
be it for meat or pleasure's way

the empty spaces must be filled
a flute may sound to stir the will
embrace the stalks that sprout to hand
finding succor where life was bare

Spring's guides are here finally
as dark of winter is put to rest
the wheel has turned at long last
do you know the gods I've written bout?

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170411.
Tags: poem, spring

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