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Poem - Behind the Rabbit

“Behind the Rabbit” was written for the contest “The Satan-Bunny”.

Behind the Rabbit

No man has fought with it and lived
so say the skulls in separate piles
each is a tribute to the brute
Spring’s dire mascot with death to bring

proceed with courage and greatest strength
you’ll not survive is doubt betrays
Brave Sir Robin - run away, run away
a prime example for all involved

beware the creature so foul, so cruel
“what, behind the bringer of Easter’s bling?”
it waits with nasty, big pointy teeth
“all I see is a rabbit there!”

Don’t look BEHIND the rabbit, it is the fiend
none have seen a worse rodent
bad-tempered would only be a start
to describe the danger the hare presents

its viscous streak is a mile wide
never to just nibble on your bum
it will leap from here to there
you’ve been warned ahead of time

“Rabbit stew is coming up!
thanks for the warning, man named Tim
I’ll advance to meet this foe
prepare the holy hand grenade”.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170413.
Tags: humor, poem, rabbit

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