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Poem - Living True

I have a dance friend who I really admire for their expression unto the world. The sum result is outwardly androgynous, especially when reference to their preferred companions. The poem “Living True” is about a witnessed encounter between my friend and a young boy. My heart went out to my friend, and I do truly hope that the young one learned something from the event.

Living True

I saw a time of friend’s unease
when living true was put to test
revelation asked brought a blush
as lovely life defied the norm.

“Are you a girl or are you a boy?”
from the mouth of babes this issued forth
follow-up was as pure
“I’ve not met you before.”

Hetronormative is this youth’s curse
the crux of boxes into which
body’s expression may be fit
or identification of preferences.

At least they asked with innocence
the same question from adult’s mouth
would heap derision upon their mark
stating known with scorn’s intent.

Yet still I felt for my friend
they are much braver than I could be
with the outside as the proof
of the sterling felt within.

I hope the children will embrace
the differences seen by their eyes
I pray my friend will never stop
being honest within their skin.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170416.
Tags: choice, expression, lgbtq, poem

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