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Poem - Shoot the Liquor

The poem “Shoot the Liquor” was written for a contest based on an image of a man drinking alcohol. He seemed focused in the middle distance, waiting for the impact of the drink in hand.

Shoot the Liquor

Rally cups for the fight
the opponent is life’s strife
liquid skirmish is the clash
from highest point to fully drunk

relief’s promise is at the top
fully blessed with amber sap
waiting for the wounded man
to imbibe in healing swigs

the first taste may be bitter
put aside in the moment
with the burn there is a promise
beyond the pain is a savior

a blur descends by the middle
though most rush to pass this moment
calm is companion to the drinker
why quickly push when the bliss is present?

reinforcements wait for the bottom
no more sips to be taken
another soldier to match the fallen
the long war has its victims

perhaps the promise was betrayed
or the drinks were folly’s quest
blow the trumpet for the charge
shoot the liquor down the throat.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170417.
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