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Poem - Beside the Grave

"Beside the Grave" is an introspective look at the impact of suicide on the greater world after the act has been done.

Beside the Grave

The worse is not beside the grave
it's in the common now turned gray
so many questions come to the mind
without the answers that satisfy

what became of hope in the heart
and why had anger poisoned a mind
to allow for what should not be
to blossom in a spray of red?

how many times was the plea put forth
to the ears that hoped for the best
unable to find the balm to hush
from their compassion worn threadbare?

now days end with for the world
putting aside the state of the soul
the victims are the ones left behind
retribution is the whip self-lashed

violated by the killer of a loved one
with no recourse to the law
unable to execute the perpetrator
when the blood's been already shed

the sin is too much to bear
when innocence came to its end
no one is perfect unto this earth
yet there are those who hold a space

supporting those who've come to know
reliance rooted in passion's soul
now taken up and cast aside
by the one who should have stayed

all that's meant to express a love
has turned to ash crumbling to the touch
if the grave was all there was
the questions would be put to rest.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170417.
Tags: depression, poem, suicide

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