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Poem - No Longer Plain

The poem “No Longer Plain” was spun off two stanzas that I had laying around.

No Longer Plain

I said I’d like to visit there
though I had a quiet fear
as different as I was at home
I’d be quite plain in the extreme

not to worry, Mary said
be yourself and we’ll be grand
acceptance goes both ways
identities embraced in shared dreams

fantasies no longer in shadows
when a community is engaged
predilections see the light of day
human nature released to play

remember my timid friends
none of this is out of sorts
disconnected from my character
it’s only who I truly am

Mary was the catalyst
another realm gave permit
don’t knock till you try a fling
away from home, no longer plain.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170502.
Tags: fantasy, poem

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