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Poem - Candor’s Might

“Candor’s Might” was written for prompt about how I cope when I struggle mentally. One of the things I do is write poetry, seeing honesty and the companionship of others with similar struggles and life situations.

Candor’s Might

With a poem I'll state my mind
looking back down the trail
to where I stand now with my angst
off to a future waiting there

I’m struggling, yes, that’s a fact
though introspection is a bless
putting plain the turmoil inside
making honest what tries to hide

depression grows in dark corners
the light of day shrinks the hurt
remedies move to the front
when pathologies are made precise

anxiety is mistreatment’s child
blossoming when left to cry
champions are called to help
my own mind, those of my kind

it’s a bubble that I desire
to seek the healing, to meet the minds
words put to page is just a start
to letting others know of my heart

friends are found through my poems
honesty through this shared light
I will heal with balm of love
pursuing both candor’s might.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170504.
Tags: healing, poem, poetry

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