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Poem - Calm Displaced

The poem “Calm Displaced” is a very adult look at play.

Calm Displaced

I’ll share a secret many have
but few reveal in public’s eye
with words I’ll share my predilection
the kink I love to indulge

humiliation is not my thing
bondage does nothing in itself
I’ll leave these to other folk
to each their own behind closed doors

nor does dress-up make much sense
acting like I’m someone else
another skin to provoke
when the outcome is perverse

instead I suffer for my joy
a bit of hurt will make my day
when two adults come to play
suffering leads to pleasure’s place

distress is fun when applied
by one consenting to comply
when the lash takes to flesh
the sting is heaven, calm displaced

I’m the M and not the S
with no need for B or D
If you know what I mean
you’re clued into my decree

now my secret is public fare
enjoyment taken at whip’s end
looking for another time
where is my sadist for that fix?

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170507.
Tags: adult, poem

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