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Poem - Who I Would Date

“Who I Would Date” is a poem about a time machine and the wonderful people I know.

Who I Would Date

I would wonder who I would date
if span of years did not aggravate
and my relations did reset
revealing the paths my heart could take
these are all fantasy
have no fear of my liberties
when these thoughts cross space and time
imaginations of a curious mind.

Those I’d court are exceptional
above the norm, none are fools
engaging minds as well as eyes
I’ll state the base that they defy
beauty comes easy to my eyes
appreciation of the forms God made
those blessed by curves, hard or soft
present a fraction of my hearty’s desire.

Add this to the fruits of the mind
intellect leaping from fact to joke
nimbleness both high and low
awaits that prize that so few share
a sympathy for my plight
likewise shared, with another one
common ground few will own
acknowledge grace for a fallen one.

Against this backdrop I draw my list
still imagining, I’ll not deny
so few people meet these marks
on one hand I’d count them all
now here I sit with my roster
with the names I’ll never state
the mighty mountains beyond my reach
the paragons I’d like to date.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170515.
Tags: dating, poem

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