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Poem - While I Heal

I attended a local poetry reading. There I discovered that a number of the readers shared a common theme in their poems. It is different from my themes. The realization hit me that a careful examination of a writer’s work can reveal a lot about individual poet and the “stuff” they process through their writing.

While I Heal

To each their own, their crux to write
the poet’s urge to say their voice
on topics painfully close to heart

the muse calls for honesty
not just once, but time again
on the topic put to page

in between lighter fare
of flowers and buttercups
spring to summer, nothing more

then back to angst, sterner stuff
elaboration of inner fiends
the writer spins thoughts to words

the purge is good for the mind
emotion filtered by daylight
the sun fighting against the dark

this antidote becomes the cure
as letters pour from end of quill
a tonic expressed to the soul

so my reader, fair citizen
forgive this poet for his sins
expressed to paper while I heal.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170522.
Tags: healing, poem, poetry

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