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Poem - No Longer the Lure

Attraction never completely goes away, even when a relationship is found. The poem “No Longer the Lure” is on this topic.

No Longer the Lure

The choices are varied
in the sea of the crowd
when one stands out
or perhaps the many
the genders are there
and those in between
from poles to the fluid
each has the place.

Attraction is varied
the precursor to more
appeal to a promise
as vows are engaged
when the love is present
the focus is found
attraction is centered
still the eye roves.

The charisma persists
across the wide range
it’s only a notion
that moves on its way
while choices are there
a love found its place
the sea of the many
is no longer the lure.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170525.
Tags: attraction, poem

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