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Blog - Dancing Outreach

I’m really proud of the dance communities I’m associated with. I would put these groups in the social dance end of the spectrum, distant from the competitive / performance dance world.

Why am I proud? They follow the group inclusion suggestions I found in the article “59 Percent of Millennials Raised in a Church Have Dropped Out—And They’re Trying to Tell Us Why”. These are:

** Create authentic communities with a shared purpose centered around service (dance).
** Create and train a team of CONNECT people whose purpose is to seek out the outliers on Sunday mornings (at dances) or during other events. Explicitly teach people these skills as they do not come naturally to most of the population.
** Stop placing blame on individuals who struggle to get connected. For some people, especially those that are shy or struggle with anxiety, putting yourself out there even just once might be an overwhelming task. We have to find ways to bridge that gap.
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