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Poem - Perfection Granted

Time is a finite resource modified by physical capability. Creation through artistry is performed within this framework. The poem “Perfection Granted” speaks to the addition of practice and focus, spelling a difference between interest and mastery.

Perfection Granted

When I compare myself to you
my self-esteem sets to scream
cataloging what you can do
against the skill set of this one
in the past we knew the same
roughly equal in art expressed
in that moment we were matched
yet still you shot for greater things.

A wide world called you out
offering riches you could learn
by the teachers who saw your worth
bending knee to bring you up
to your credit you’ve worked hard
striving daily to improve your craft
with a focus that’s future bent
while my focus has been elsewhere.

Recognition has come at last
for you my friend, not for me
while I stand to mark the past
the future is now yours to grab
now your partners are the best
with every move at world class
a simplest flourish is proof of God
perfection granted to human kind.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170529.
Tags: artistry, poem

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