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Blog - Scream as Seduction

Seduction is sexy. People want to be wooed, told they are sexy, and that a person wants them badly. It’s human nature!

I also feel dirty, needing a bath, after hearing Corey Gray's cover of "Scream". Why? As alternative as I am, the song disturbs me. Is Corey really that much of a pleasure troubadour? Granted, while Corey sings the song, it's not implied that the song's speaker is singer. It more probable that Corey is describing a hot-to-trot guy dropping his pick-up lines on a target.

What if a person received this invitation? Would it be appreciated? Perhaps, again, who wouldn't want to feel sexy? With that said, these lines reek of being used a few hundred (thousand) times over. How sexy is it to be the hundredth (thousandth) companion of the speaker? Oh... and the whole hunting thing is a turn-off for me. So many sexy "gonna get you" songs have a predatory feel to them, pushing non-consensual contact while having a stalking vibe. That’s my probably true unease, but that’s another story, and my opinion.

"Kill the lights, shut 'em off
You're electric
Devil eyes telling me come and get it
I have you like ooh
Baby baby ooh baby baby
Ah-ooh baby baby ooh baby baby
Girl tonight you're the prey
I'm the hunter
Take you here, take you there
Take you wonder
Imagine me whispering in your ear
Then I wanna, take off your clothes and put something on ya"
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