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Poem - Inner Voice

I considered what’s said and not said while relating to others. Perhaps it would just be me damned if I said everything I thought or felt. The poem “Inner Voice” is the poetic outcome of this pondering.

Inner Voice

The angels ask for my silence
holy lawyers for my soul
wanting only for the inner
to remain, not find voice

imps would welcome the true message
expressed out loud, no matter where
to state the core of my being
would invite trouble's stare

I never know who may hear me
lurking in the shadows there
the private would be public
damning all caught in the trap

then consider the spiritual
connections across the universe
when a name is said out loud
an invitation hits its mark

I'll keep my feelings bottled up
not give them voice to the world
in the quiet I'll find solace
that stillness hides the inward storm

the vex of trouble, the pang of link
these I'll avoid by my silence
to be seen and not heard
my angels forgive the inner voice.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170610.
Tags: poem, self

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