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Blog - Father's Day

On Father’s Day I have the memories of my still-borne daughter Grace. This is the sorrow, but it is an old sorrow. My current joy, on this day, is to embrace the role of a senior in the dance community. Beyond this, for some, I am a pseudo-father figure.

What am I asked to do in this role? It seems that it’s equal parts providing a voice of reason, guilting (towards relative rightness), providing (in)sanity checks, and providing congratulations when they are richly deserved. Along the way I am challenged to act as a role model, though this is scary as heck given some of the aspects of my life I struggle with.

And what do I get out of this? I feel better about the overall state of humanity, as it’s pretty dark if you follow the news. Connections are made to a wider world, and this is a good thing for a person who seeks escape too often. Lastly, I make a positive impact on the future, that time when I will be passed and my “children” continue on.
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