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Poem - Beauty Seen

I’ve written many poems about beauty. “Beauty Seen” is yet another one, this time considering if beauty can be properly presented beyond the original form.

Beauty Seen

I wish I could sketch the beauty seen
or take a picture that would preserve
the scope of all I've witnessed here

my life is experienced in splendor's realm
in my mind I am the unworthy visitor
an intruder walking halls I should leave

the presence of form and nature is too much
for this child with fragile feet of clay
with tools that fail to portray the grace

so here I am in my journaled quest
to express what cannot be told
the indescribable that I adore

I will capture what I'm allowed
by turn of phrase or photo frame
to show the world how it's blessed.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170622.
Tags: beauty, poem

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