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Poem - Painting Sunbeams

“Painting Sunbeams” was loosely inspired by Claudia Boleyn’s cover of “Take Me To Church”. My muse was excited by the imagery presented both inside and outside an English chapel.

Painting Sunbeams

Stained glass in the windows
in the building outside my bed
imprinting colors on the pews
by the guests at the goodbye
then to tombstones in their ranks
marking memories left behind
there you'll find inscriptions
stating when I left this realm.

Prayers lifted to their God
by visitors to holy ground
intruders for a short time
gather round to bid goodbye
we have so little time
our mortal coils upon the earth
I thank them all for the adieu
memories left as flowers drop.

In their retreat the rest resign
to remain interned in the ground
by form of ash in a jar
or pallbearer's somber load
it matters not what remains
when souls escape from body's cage
passing windows with color's brush
painting sunbeams on the pews.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170726.
Tags: death, poem

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