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Poem - When I Speak

I really respect those people who voice social justice topics on YouTube. One of those people cannot freely leave their house because of mental illness, but they still vocalize rights in front of the social media. The poem “When I Speak” is an observation of this phenomenon, and what I strive to achieve in my poetry.

When I Speak

When I speak I seek to share
the struggles felt within this one
reflection of the group embraced
please listen to my social group
though you may yet disagree
with statements put to your ears.

This isn’t who I thought I’d be
moments of anxiety
when I was young in yesteryear
now a snowflake they abuse
or so it’s thought by contrast
by the masses that embracing fear.

Watch me shoot a telling flare
put it up into the sky
to find the members of my tribe
I’ll share what bring me joy
as strange as they seem to be
outside of the accepted norms.

Exclamation of who I am
is not meant to arouse the lust
a fetish for the larger crowd
to each there own is my plea
predilections some may pursue
put to ears I hope will hear.

As a mix of all of these
just myself, and so much more
I’m not the villain some will see
please try to see my position
my disagreement does not destroy
the free speech of the whole.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170725.
Tags: poem, politics

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