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Poem - Carrying Torches

“Carrying Torches” is about the utility of sharing in social media. I am lifted by knowing others exist in similar situations, also struggling to carry on with victories.

Carrying Torches

My heroes share joined truths
on a screen, out of touch
about their lives in short segments
social media’s greatest strength
they hope the impact is for good
shining light from their hill
it’s most bright in dark of night
blinding some with honesty.

Cries for help on different days
across the walls of the world
bottles dropped in to the sea
I’ll read the notes they’ve conveyed
the very bravest remove the veils
from taboos in realms of health
the statements thrown into the crowd
that some may hear the cries for help.

The angst is channeled into art
honest efforts from the muse
the adept struggles to explain
with no guidebook to lead the way
creation seeks to share a life
the dark squirms to be revealed
don’t condemn the outcome’s breath
if the source is genuine.

All may see the aftermath
in the colored pixels on the screen
archived after tears are shed
even when the smiles return
at this point my heart is swelled
with the knowledge that others dwell
in the shadows, seeking light
carrying torches for fellow man.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170727.
Tags: poem, sharing

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