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Poem - Dawn’s Start

“Dawn’s Start” is about suffering, sourced from intentional and fated sources.

Dawn’s Start

Lessons come at their own pace
some have more, some have less
the most challenged have no fault
for the burdens that pile upon
one on the other, encumbrance
doled to see who will break
as the targets look for cause
wondering why the hammer drops.

Severity is the divine joke
just grin and bear under the load
God has deemed to dole it out
or did the Devil assume control?
a story tells sanction asked
the one who lies was set to task
another reason is brought to mind
humanity is the foe found.

Mistakes are made against this veil
karma has the bill in hand
with an outcome few desire
pain amplified as consequence
the reaper comes as last resort
though too often as disease
by slow neglect or same intake
both are life’s antagonist.

When the heavens and the hells
pile on the back the burden’s toil
avoid the paths that fate a price
embrace the lessons you must take
self-awareness is hard earned
surviving falls to climb back
all’s not lost in agony
the sun will rise with dawn’s start.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170801.
Tags: poem, suffering

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