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Poem - Child of Dance

“Child of Dance” was inspired by a friend.

Child of Dance

Child of dance and musics' light
smile imbued with quick delight
by note or step the world is found
within the heart fresh with life

the world is yours to explore
from near to far in their due time
first to walk, then to ride
before the move to the stars

the martial path was bypassed
replaced with a passion to excel
secure the calling as the boss
vocation’s pull beyond this sight

the curtains lift as I watch
a bystander to the smile
that asks the sun to stand aside
removing need for the house lamps

perhaps I’ll see where this goes
or I won’t, the wheel will tell
the youth to senior in due time
still of dance and music’s light.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170804.
Tags: friendship, poem

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