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Poem - Average Quakes

A dear friend was told that they were trying too hard to be unique. This was said of a person who I know is incredibly individual in identity, expression, and potential. I, and others, came to my friend’s side. My take was that world sometimes isn't ready for the true breadth, and beauty, of uniqueness. “Average Quakes is about the sources and challenges of being honest with self-identity and self-expression. I do truly applaud those who can surmount “average is as average does”.

Average Quakes

Average is as average does
asking all to do the same
for comfort’s sake please relax
it’s for the best that all regress
these pleadings from society
don’t rock the boat with your flare
or deviate from the standards set
who know the best for their world.

Strange beauty asks all to pause
considering standards seniors set
where peace of mind counts for more
than finding self outside of norms
avant-garde may be the term
to describe the breadth expressed
this discounts the true purpose
authenticate dreams made manifest.

Beneath the surface is much more
the wiring of the who we are
prompting genders to be expressed
stating lovers that fill the voids
intertwining the sum whole
all the parts, so many paths
how could the caring dismiss this
the intricate of God’s design?

The ones that used to be the peers
now left behind as consequence
when boundaries move beyond a room
once the closet that chained a soul
I’d ask no more of my friends
than to show their inner realm
put on display the magnificence
it’s for the best, the average quakes.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170805.
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