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Poem - Art the Day

“Art the Day” is about the pursuit of artistic efforts. The “payback” may be minimal or even negative. I used to play games on my consoles, but not now! My free time is taken up with either poetry or photographs. The writing takes at least an hour a day. The pics are could consume weeks if I manage to catch up on the back-log. What do I get out of these efforts other than a “drain” on my free time? The benefits are much more than the monetary alternatives!

Art the Day

Excuse me while I art the day
perform the tasks some call play
by writ of pen or palm of hand
producing pleasure many rue
don’t measure craft against minutes
what’s been made is trivial
papers made to rule the world
the hallowed part of nine to five.

The muse does not promise much
than to prompt ideas to bloom
with few profits to bank before
efforts toiled before the show
when compared to nine to five
creation moves by different rules
manifesting both terror’s face
and sheer beauty that all relate.

Into this realm you may walk
assume a distance during rants
unless you relate with my pain
or dance the same with glee’s delight
please take my hand if you will
we’ll journey forth to pass the time
creativity will show the way
excusing us to art the day.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170806.
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