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Blog against Theocracy Contribution

This is a vintage blog that I am bringing out for Blog against Theocracy weekend. If you want to help further promote this issue, I strongly suggest monitoring First Freedom First, as their site will remain current after the blogswarm is over:

While I live in caution of the current Christian Theocracy, I believe it is symptomatic of a dark shadow of human leadership. For now, I submit the following...

I recently saw 'V for Vendetta' twice. The first time was by myself, and I saw it on a whim. The second time I saw it with my lovely mate. The first time I saw it I thought it was about a theocracy. I was not wrong. A theocracy in future Britain was part of the plot. The second time I saw it I realized that the movie was not truly about a theocracy. The type of totalitarian government was secondary to the fact that the government had been taken over by a small group of people. It didn't really matter if they wore the banner of theocracy. They could have been fascist, communist, capitalist, or anything else. What mattered is that power had been taken from the people. A tagline for the movie is, "People should not fear the government; the government should fear the people."

What does this have to do with the thread at hand (note: the thread was about the Burning Times)? Witches, both true witches and those falsely proclaimed to be so, were killed in pursuit of people establishing/consolidating power. My mate has researched the burning times, and the information she shared with me showed me that the driver of the burning times was the shifting of political and economic power. In this drama of humankind, the victims where Witches and the oppressors were Christian governments. I do believe that the taglines of "remember the burning times" are valid if they only remind us that our liberties are only a persecution away from being removed, and our lives are not far behind. The oppressors will change, but the evil is the same. Anything that reminds us to remain on guard is a blessing.
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