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Poem - Rock of the Soul

A distanced friend wrote about becoming pure once more as a child of God. I was reminded of the attainment of purity in other spiritual paths. On these paths purity is known by the names of peace or contentment. All of the options to attain purity seem to embrace the recognition of things that weigh the soul, followed by the separation of these from the spirit.

Rock of the Soul

Purity strives to be defined
by spiritual paths across the world
seeking peace within the self
against this goal the race is lost
when the child is enticed
to lose its way on forest paths.

Wisps partaken, sweet indulge
spicy meals of flesh and more
stones where the smoke once was
this past becomes soul’s weight
it’s too late when they look back
wondering at the fog’s rough chains.

Virtue traded for subterfuge
embarrassment asking tongue’s silence
against the length of failure’s chain
volunteer or sad hostage
parading by the hellish flames
both are an end none desire.

The escape asks for lack
both shame and fear put aside
to realize the higher ground
embracing whys and whats alike
denying neither, leaving both
corruption denied its oxygen.

The child is found in elders’ hearts
their sad failings are our own
trust is embraced where none exists
a higher guidance is ours to have
purity smudged, yet still it thrives
rock of the soul above all else.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170810.
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