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Poem - Depression’s Toil

A friend shared the following in a meme:

A man once told The Buddha “I want happiness”. The Buddha replied, “First remove 'I’, that’s ego talking. Then remove 'want’, that’s desire. And now all you’re left with is Happiness”.

This is meant to lift the heart. It had another meaning to me. The poem “Depression’s Toil” describes the destination.

Depression’s Toil

The right answer is happiness
said The Buddha long ago
this is not the present case
on this day of sadness’ place
if the ‘I’ is fully removed
ego discarded for the good
then the wanting is put aside
what will be left in a mind?

Repose is portend there
commitments dropped from my back
promises made on ego’s chit
finally disregarded at long last
if only this could be the way
life has attachment beyond longing
or is it the web that all construct
binding egos for humanity?

The wheel is turned by all souls
chained to duties at love’s request
that task master of cruel repute
trading despair for loyalty
society must continue on
regardless of how I sort myself
to drop an ‘I’ or discard want
why must the outcome come to this?

If I could in love’s firm grip
move beyond this ego’s grasp
happiness would be my end
put down the wants of this life
lay my body to the grave
though most would disagree
dear Buddha why is this so
did you consider depression’s toil?

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170808.
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