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Poem - Giving Voice

“Giving Voice” is about the pitfalls of being an ally. It was prompted by a YouTube controversy that featured allies to a minority group talking over their stated associates. The talking inflicted wounds, injuries largely invisible to the allies because they didn’t have a complimenting life experience.

Giving Voice

Bystanders wonder at the fuss
with no skin in the game
asking why some may howl
and others cry with clear dismay
you’ll see the answer has a twist
the expected with sand thrown in
to the gears that move with blood
no longer spinning against the drag.

Two sides are placed on the field
this is illusion few will admit
when the duo has company
a mixed blessing to both foes
advocate is one name used
ally would be another term
collaborator from another tongue
yelled in disgust at the betrayal.

This third party may intrude
on sacred ground in past hard earned
with good intent and ignorance
their friends aghast at what is said
talking at the injured ones
over heads that do not ask
for the words condemning ways
opinion begins to rip the flesh.

Caring only to be right
misinformed by ignorance
of the ways the others walk
truest by immersion’s blight
when living is the best teacher
immersion both the day and night
skin is the vessel always bound
this is not how the allies live.

There is a way to veer away
to show compassion even when
allies cannot fully know
what to say that does not hurt
be the advocate of the few
giving voice to announce
above the cries of circling foes
“listen to the ones who know”.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170811.
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