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Poem - Phobia as a Fault

“Phobia as a Fault” speaks directly to a discussion storm I’m aware of on social media, but I’ll stick with the broad outlines of a painful situation. The poem is about the phobic thoughts inherited from the “hive mind”. A phobic thought is one that is framed with “I’d never do X with Y” or “X is bad because they always do Y”. Rejection is predeclared because of another person’s perceived state. Any size group can promote phobic thoughts. Groups at the receiving end of phobic thoughts can generate their own phobic thoughts. Sadly, at their heart, the phobic directions may mean well with an intention of ‘protecting’ a group. In practice they feed and imbue hurts that are beyond evil.

Phobia as a Fault

Consider phobia as a fault
a statement put out as “I’d never”
by the ones who turns their heads
with blanket statements uttered forth
putting judgment on those who fail
to be in tidy boxes built by life
whether speakers are the majority
or in the minority on life’s fringe.

A natural order is assumed
based on a bubble’s small contents
floating in the larger world
binding those found within
the swaying group may be small
or large enough to swamp the rest
it matters not when hate is found
at end of thoughts that classify.

The vagueness is disconcerting
a step away from normals felt
be they on one end or the other
of the ranged Kinsey scale
bias breeds from experience
society stamping upon the mind
asking thoughts to intersect
with hive mind of company.

The “I’d never” statements cut too deep
harm the target of phobic ends
with a net that’s spread to wide
pointed weapons press outward
with dispassion that violates
the golden rule most embraced
protective thoughts of the group
drive the phobia as a fault.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170813.
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