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Poem - I’ll Whisper

“I’ll Whisper” is about waking up and looking forward to sleeping again.

I’ll Whisper

I'll whisper your beauty to the gods
have them listen at morning's dawn
perhaps they'd accept my offering
hear my awe because I’m blessed

when night's curtain is withdrawn
to show the paramour in my bed
I wonder how this came to be
that darkness concealed one so bright

my speech returns at long last
as the sun begins to rise
chasing blackness from the room
revealing all that I enjoyed

the soft and hard, all the curves
the long lines that I explored
valleys plumbed in my quest
finding pleasure with the heights

the shadow departs as I speak
witness leaving before they're caught
called to answer for our acts
when they are innocent and we are not

it matters not because it's done
the gods have witnessed far too much
I pray they'll respond to my words
allow another night to turn to dawn.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170822.
Tags: poem, romance

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