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Poem - As If Asleep

“As If Asleep” is about how I experience the world of dreaming.

As If Asleep

I dream in bright technicolor
more shades than life contains
forgetting this span of hues
when I rise with morning dew

the details stream in unending flux
shifting between here and there
when that space twists around
alien to the waking world

a cast of strangers is company
without concern of who I am
acceptance found by colleagues
existing only behind the veil

all the while there is creation
songs and sights, music’s throat
echoing from the only source
the muse inside my resting mind

do not tell me what cannot be
that was there, believe me
restrictions are thrust aside
within the realm behind my eyes

no pain is there in that beyond
the ache that meets me when I wake
I am fully blessed to feel again
the balm of youth in hurt’s relief

if only the waking could be the same
as dreams presented when I recline
perhaps it could if I strive
to live my life as if asleep.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170823.
Tags: dreams, poem

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